Ashes of a Diary

by Dreaming Madmen

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released September 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Dreaming Madmen Austin, Texas

Dreaming Madmen is a Progressive Rock Duo formed by Lebanese-American brothers Mathew & Christopher Aboujaoude. Their sound is a melange of both classic and contemporary progressive rock, fused with expansive orchestration and cinematic elements.

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Track Name: Behind My Wall
Hear my soul call out, call out your name
You feel it cut deep and nothing's ever the same
Don't try to talk and try to scream, still I can't feel your breath
I'm spiraling down without a sound into the valley of death

Hollow, scarred and chained, roaming dark streets of fears
Never secure and never so true, behind my wall, frail and sheer
While waiting for a call, a knot hung on the wall
And an empty scream alights the air, I slip and fall, no strength at all

Here behind my wall, I crawl as I bleed
Concealed inside it all, I fall as I breathe

Trapped inside this page, a boy lost in a haze
To rid of the worms inside his brain, the rustling sound of a burning page
And when the fire burns out, distant faces will leer
All frail and alone, but hand in hand, they flicker his soul a touch so dear

Here behind my wall, I crawl as I bleed
Hear my fragile call, I fall as I plead
Track Name: Your Possessor
I feel I've been brought down to the nether
When the hell did we lose our forever
You left and marked your scars on my body
Made me feel like I was just somebody

You hate. You crave. You slaved. You made

Don't come to me in dreams and shed a smile
Dumbfounded, I'll believe you like a simple child
Now the scene's left dark, cold and bloody
But in the end, I'll always be somebody

You lay. You pray. You raised. You saved

Let me out of this vivid nightmare
I found myself, but you're gone, I can't believe it
You are mine and I am yours
You are mine and I am yours
You are mine and I am yours

You are mine and I am yours
Track Name: Lock Thyself
I drowned in a world that I've created
Drawn with pencil ink that can't be faded
Don't dare the devil without a fight
While chained down and gambled like a pair of dice, in this hell they call paradise

I wanted to show you the words that I have written
But they're all about you and that can't sink in
What were you thinking, when my loved ones were sinking?

Awake, a storm is pouring in
Stop whispering my name so slowly
Locked in a cage, my vision impaired

Bottle of poison chugged and still no sleep
Missing little Jane and Bowie, I calmly weep
No power, no courage, to begin the trial
It'd be much easier if he were just to die
Track Name: Ashes of a Diary
A lover's gone, a soul is torn
A doctor warns, a mother mourns
A longing curse that cannot be reversed

A burning page, a flaming rage
A rusting boy stuck in a cage
Page by page, deserting all my fears

Ashes of a once lost memory
Burning like a cold immortal fire
Ashes of my once felt sorrow
Rising like a storm in the sky

A sure demise, on a sunset, lies
An endless trial, an empty smile
Forever lost in a homeless isolation

A hopeless try, on a corner, cries an empty shadow
A battle of worlds and demons in disguise
Track Name: Final Page (Until We Meet Again)
Here we've arrived onto the final page
After all that's been tried, after all this time

To see your lovely faces for one more night
Heaven knows if it brings me more sorrow or more joy
Until we meet again, my dear

Tears fall like raindrops from my face
Painted with poems and stories never told before

And it feels just like a dream
Memories of faces come rushing
And I don't know where it leads
But I know we'll meet someday again my friend

For now, the walls are closing in
The final page is burning
Afraid and alone, my feelings unfold

Until we meet again, my dear

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